The Seattle Parks Commission Report Card

This is what we know about the Seattle Parks Commission and the Lowman Beach Park recreational and residential area. This page is a work-in-progress. Feel free to rate the Commission or add comments.

So far, in this matter, they have only been presented with information and a challenge early in the process of KCWTD choosing a site, which had been originally planned to be set in and below the surface of Lowman Beach Park. The discussion at that meeting was surprisingly unfavorable, with many of the Commission members showing a very casual attitude about the exercise of eminent domain in such instances. They also did not choose to make any recommendations or declarations about their value system when it comes to choices for such projects when it comes down to a choice between a small neighborhood park with public beach access or a larger park that might be able to more comfortably accommodate such a project which would alter only a small percentage of it, rather than the whole park, in the case of a small neighborhood park.

At least in June of 2010, the Commission was, in my opinion, without a broad, humane perspective about neighborhood values, but quite narrow-minded and focused on “parks at all costs.”


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