Joe Mc

This page is the Joe McDermott Report Card

This is what we know about Joe McDermott with respect to the Lowman Beach Park recreational and residential concerns. This page is a work-in-progress. Please feel free to comment.

Although I have sent e-mails and made telephone calls to Joe McDermott’s office, his office has been completely unresponsive to the concerns raised by me regarding the needs of recreational users and residents of the Lowman Beach Park area and to the original recommendations of the CAG as noted below, and to the process of such comunity advisory groups.

Joe has flunked until proven otherwise.

The October 12, 2010 Final Report of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) recommended location of underground tank to be underneath the south parking lot of Lincoln Park AND the two last things the CAG wanted was (1) to locate the tank directly in Lowman Beach Park, and (2) for eminent domain to be used to purchase and destroy homes on private property east of Lowman Beach Park. The last option of the CAG became the choice of KCWTD. To date, no intervention in this KCWTD abuse of power by any of our elected officials has taken place. They all signed off on this without any apparent resistance or significant questioning.

The Lincoln Park parking lot siting of the underground tank was “abandoned” on the basis of alleged “technical difficulties” after the CAG had been dismissed. No vetting of those alleged “technical difficulties” ever took place by CAG members, since the decision to abandon that site was made AFTER the CAG was dismissed. So, I am hoping you are getting this — the CAG might as well have never been involved in the first place. All their hard work was for naught.

The allegation that the Lincoln Park parking lot site was a “last minute” consideration was a total lie. On June 24, 2010, during the second CAG meeting the Lincoln Park parking lot solution was brought up by me. (See small pdf Meeting Summary by clicking here). I later tried to keep that solution on the table for consideration, but was often “censored” by KCWTD staff or EnviroIssues — in other words, it was clear there was a KCWTD agenda that the CAG was being pushed toward, NOT a CAG that had much independence. Although this biasing process was brought to the attention of our elected officials, no official ever took any serious interest or attempted to intervene.

The final recommendations of the CAG can be found as a small pdf by clicking here.

You can find links to the whole history of the 2010 CAG by clicking here.


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