There are six major debates (5/13/2012)

The six major debates as of 5/13/2012 consist of the following:

(1) Who gets to vote on priorities and preferences for the redesign of the Lowman Beach Park recreational area?

(2) Does it really matter if anyone gets to vote? In other words, do votes count at all, or can it be concluded that such community advisory groups organized under the auspices of King County are mostly sham operations with no real vote or veto power?

(3) Does King County and the City of Seattle owe the Lowman Beach recreational area and the residential neighborhood a significant amount of compensation for the torture they are inflicting on the neighborhood due to construction and industrialization of the neighborhood? Should they not be going beyond the “call of duty” or “construction-on-the-cheap” to give the Lowman Beach area the best outcome, upgrading residential parking (sorely lacking in this area), protecting traditional recreational uses, upgrading traffic safety, etc.?

(4) Is the alleged “traffic calming” effect of reducing the current street fronting Lowman Beach Park to 25 feet across (from 38 feet), really more of an attempt to discourage the traditional recreational uses of the only street that allows access to the north walkway/bikeway path along the beach in Linclon Park? So far, such dramatic narrowing of the street is being justified on the basis of the area’s “residential” zoning. If that was true, then why was it built the way it was built in the first place? Fact is, the zoning should be changed to reflect the actual nature of that particular block between 7000 and 7031 Beach Drive SW to some form of commerical, industrial, public use zoning.

(5) Do any of our elected City of Seattle or King County council care at all about the impacts on the Lowman Beach neighborhood and the Lowman Beach recreational area?

(6) King County is taking a 150 foot stretch of public right of way (legal parking, etc.) called Murray Ave SW across the street from the southeast corner of Lowman Beach Park for its own private use and it is removing it completely from the public domain (lost parking, etc.) and it is giving no equal amount of public parking on any part of its CSO property in return for such a taking.

More will be written about that King County abuse of power and more will be written about the lackluster responses to the concerns of users and residents of this recreational and residential area by Mike McGinn, Tom Rasmussen, Dow Constantine and Joe McDermott. They and the several governmental departments involved in this construction project will be rated on their responses or lack of responses to these questions.

In the meantime, feel free to express your opinions here.  Comments are moderated.  So, if you want to say something important, say it with civility.  Best wishes, WhatNowMan


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